The Devil in Disguise
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Emilie. 18. European. Multi-fandom. Vampire Diaries. Teen Wolf. Once Upon A Time. Arrow. Game of Thrones. Sherlock. Supernatural. Reign. Originals. Veronica Mars. The 100. The Hunger Games. Harry Potter. Avengers/MCU. Overly obsessed fangirl to the extreme. Avid fanfiction writer and reader. Amateur graphic maker. Enjoy your stay ;)

I managed to write over 1000 words of the next chapter of Just Give Me A Reason and start the new part for Blood Bound today… 

Life is good.

Thank you very much! I saw your name on some of the categories too! I had to vote for The Hunger Inside!

Thanks so much! Best of luck with all your noms! ;)

livingdeadblondequeen said:
Your tags make me blush...

Well they’re definitely deserved ;) I was so happy when I found TOHFMIY on the klaroline awards nominations; definitely voted for it ;)